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Gibbo Studios can offer narrative editing & proofreading and website design to other game developers and fiction writers. Please e-mail to discuss pricing and availability.


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Gibbo took my text from an interesting first draft to a coherent narrative with the right level of language. He proofread, edited, and tracked down errors in the most efficient way. As my text is interactive fiction, it is difficult to grasp the context of some passages, but Gibbo rose to the challenge perfectly. I'm really happy with the outcome and would gladly recommend people to work with him.

Jean-Baptiste Morizot (Phantom Foundry)

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The editing work provided on my short story was incredibly useful! The focus on sentence structure and grammatical rules that are often overlooked really helped the story function better. Clarity adjustments refreshed sentences I was unsure of but wasn't positive how to fix. Factual flaws were pointed out, things that would have been distracting for a reader. Overall, the work done polished my story in every sense.

Paul Williams

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Gibbo beta read for me and often caught errors that rounds of readers missed! He also gave excellent feedback and had suggestions to improve my writing style and resources for extra learning. It was great having someone who could recognize those pesky bad habits we all have, even giving examples of how I could improve. He was very helpful in improving my manuscript and my writing moving forward.

R. A. Lewis

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Gibbo did a book swap with me where we read each other’s work, and he was incredibly helpful. It's no secret that grammar is not my strong point, and I probably gave him a migraine or two as he read my work, yet somehow, he persevered! He pointed out errors without crushing my soul and gave me sound advice that's been extremely useful in writing my second and third book. I would highly recommend Gibbo – you won't be disappointed.

Kate Finch

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I rushed my first sci-fi novel in one month and invited Gibbo to read the first draft. He read it faster than expected, providing interesting corrections and feedback on one section at a time, making it easy to follow. His advice allowed me to identify areas for improvement, so when I went back to edit, I used his notes as a guide. Working with Gibbo was a wonderful experience, and I plan to send him more drafts in the future.

A. R. Raazol

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Gibbo proofread my book, and he did it interestingly. He spotted errors which the editor missed. I am glad that I gave him my book for proofreading. He has been very supportive, and I would definitely give him my next book before I give it to any editor. It gets easier to trust him with his genuine advice.

Roz A.I.