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My name is Gibbo.

In 2018 I decided to transform my movie idea into a self-published novel. At the time, I believed I could just sit down and write a bestseller (my first mistake). Receiving early honest feedback was infuriating, but I later admitted I had a lot to study. My mission to learn the craft began there.

In 2019 I published my debut novella, Killer Domes and the Chosen One, which most readers and bloggers enjoyed – but not everyone. I believed that Grammarly, Autocrit, and a beta-reader army could collectively do the same job as a professional editor (my second mistake).

I noticed some remarks in the reviews of my “perfect” novella suggesting that errors remained in the manuscript. I shrugged off these comments. They must be fools! It was then that a blogger (who was also a professional editor) offered to edit Chapter 1 for free. Why not, I thought. And that’s when the truth-bomb hit: Errors lurked and crawled through my paragraphs like little demons hiding in the shadows. My mission to learn the craft accelerated there.


I spent the following year learning the technical side of writing and putting my knowledge to the test by beta reading and proofreading the work of authors in my network. I published the professionally edited version (thanks, Gordon!) of Killer Domes and the Chosen One and got deep into writing a fantasy trilogy, but I found myself more and more drawn to other peoples' fascinating worlds. My newfound knowledge proved valuable to others, the eyes of an eagle replacing my own, and I thought: I should do this as a job.

In early 2020, I breezed through an Editing and Proofreading diploma with a 98% distinction, read more books on the craft, got a new logo designed (thanks, Roz!), and here I am, offering you a free Chapter 1 or short story edit of your own. Let's hunt those little demons and slay them!

As a new editor, I will gratefully consider any work, but I’ll lean towards swords, magic, castles, and a modest word count. I will cower away from romance and chunky epics. I will also edit the narrative for games.

To apply for a free sample edit, please follow the link to the form. However, if you are yet unsure whether my quill is worthy of your portable magic, you can continue scrolling to find testimonials below.

The editing work provided on my short story was incredibly useful! The focus on sentence structure, and grammatical rules that are often overlooked really helped the story function better. Clarity adjustments refreshed sentences I was unsure of, but wasn't positive how to fix. Factual flaws were pointed out, things that would have been distracting for a reader. Overall, the work done polished my story in every sense. 

Paul Williams

Gibbo Beta read for me and often caught errors that rounds of readers missed!  He also gave excellent feedback and had suggestions to improve my writing style and resources for extra learning.  It was great having someone who could recognize those pesky bad habits we all have, even giving examples of how I could improve. He was very helpful in improving my manuscript and my writing moving forward. 

RA Lewis

Gibbo has proofread my book. And he did it interestingly. He spotted errors which the editor missed. I am glad that I gave him my book for proofreading. He has been very supportive and I would definitely give him my next book before I give it to any editor. It gets easier to trust him with his genuine advice.


Roz A.I. 

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